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To me YOGA is:

Lake Lanier at low tide 2007 079When I started yoga classes I  thought I would simply be working on stretching. I now realize that a good yoga session incorporates balance, coordination, endurance, flexibility, and strength.   Through years of continued yoga practice, I have begun to realize that yoga offers so much more than that.

The balance in yoga is not just the ability to balance on one leg or the other, but also balancing all the different aspects of our busy lives.

The coordination in yoga is not just the ability to work on a very difficult asana (or posture) with ease, but also the ability to coordinate the many tasks presented to us on any given day.

The endurance in yoga is not just about holding an asana for a great length of time, but also enduring life’s challenges with ease and grace.

The flexibility of yoga is not just about the flexibility of our joints and limbs, but also the flexibility of opening our hearts and minds to new thoughts and ideas.

The strength of yoga is not just about strengthening our muscles, but also having the strength to face life’s challenges when faced with them.

I hope you will check back often to learn about more of the many wonderful aspects of yoga for your life!


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